Welcome to Greater Sydney Collaborative Family Lawyers

Collaborative law is a relatively new and fresh approach to family law in Australia. It offers separating couples an opportunity to work together to find a fair solution to the issues they face during a relationship breakdown – a solution that is uniquely tailored to fit their life and their family. Separation is difficult for everyone, but it can be managed in a constructive and dignified way without the intervention of the court.

In early 2007, a group of highly respected legal practitioners from across the greater Sydney region joined forces to create Greater Sydney Collaborative Family Lawyers. The group comprises experienced family lawyers and accredited specialists from the leading firms in the region who understand the collaborative process. They can help you and your partner to achieve a solution that’s right for your family.

"Collaborative Divorce - A Safe Place"

This is a twenty minute film following the true life story of one couple as they proceed through their own Collaborative divorce. It is now streaming and available for viewing from the IACP website home page.

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