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The Role of the "Divorce Coach"
Date: JUN 07, 2016

A divorce coaches' main job is to help the client, or clients, work through any of the issues that may be getting in the way of reaching an agreement during the collaborative process.

Collaboration is Growing in Popularity
Date: AUG 06, 2015

Since the introduction of collaborative family law in Australia in 2006, the practice has been steadily growing in popularity with couples who prefer to take a non-adversarial approach to divorce and separation.

Marriage and Divorce - It's all in the numbers...
Date: MAR 05, 2015

At the end of 2014, the Australian Bureau of Statistics released the latest statistics on marriage and divorce in Australia. Hidden amongst the numbers were some interesting statistics that provide valuable information on divorce trends in this country... and also imply the potential suitability of the collaborative family law approach.

Collaborative Family Law and Your Business
Date: NOV 18, 2014

Divorce is a difficult and painful time for anyone, but when a family business is involved, the implications are enormous. You simply cannot isolate them completely from the process, especially when both spouses are directors of the business or have legitimate claims on the business. So how can business owners ensure that their business, which may have taken many years of hard work and dedication to build up, is not destroyed in the process? The answer may lie in the collaborative family law process.