Marriage and Divorce - It's all in the numbers...

Date: MAR 05, 2015

At the end of 2014, the Australian Bureau of Statistics released the latest statistics on marriage and divorce in Australia.
Hidden amongst those numbers were some interesting statistics that provide valuable information on divorce trends in this country. For example:
  • The median age of couples getting married in 2013 was 31.5 years old for males and 29.5 years for females
  • Parties were most likely to divorce in their early forties
  • The median duration of a marriage was approximately 12 years
  • Most divorce applications were applied for jointly.
No real surprises there.  
However, what these statistics might also imply is that, in the majority of cases:  couples are more likely to have established themselves financially and in their career before marrying;  have spent time accumulating wealth or property together; and are generally in agreement about seeking a divorce.   Factors that, when combined, may create a strong foundation for the use of the collaborative family law approach.
Generally speaking, collaborative family law provides an ideal opportunity for separating couples to negotiate their own terms of settlement and reach an agreement together, without the intervention of the Court.  When couples are in agreement about their divorce and are able to discuss and negotiate the issues face to face (with their lawyers present), the likelihood of reaching a resolution collaboratively is quite high - which can save them considerable time, money and stress compared to the traditional litigious approach to divorce.
To see whether the collaborative family law approach may be suitable in your situation, contact one of our collaboratively-trained lawyers today.
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